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Erin Ann Koch Fine Art brings skilled and original artwork to your home or office. Whether you are moving to a new space, or as as gift, these works will bring nature, beauty and creativity to any interior. Select from landscapes, allegories or drawings to suit your personal touch and create the right tone.

Additionally, featured here are studio works designed to express the human condition through symbolism and metaphor. Highly influenced by Buddhism, mythology, and life circumstances, these works convey a sense of what it means to be alive. The large scale works require a year to make, from sketchbook studies and drawings to the last brush stroke. Painted with intense attention to detail, a love for color, and the skill of a painter who has worked for over 20 years, my hope is these complex stories will keep your interest peaked for a long time. All work is painted on the finest archival watercolor paper. Just click “purchase” below to buy through PayPal.


Allegory | 2011 | Watercolor, watercolors from imagination