Pentimenti Coaching

Please note, Pentimenti coaching is seasonal, from November to April.

About Coaching

Life Coaching is a powerful method for making decisions and taking action. When done in a committed and consistent manner, this work leads to learning, advancement and vitality. The wonderful optimism of coaching is rooted in the understanding that we all inherently strive for a meaningful life, rich with learning. We are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

A coach provides a safe space in which to take a deep look at the habitual beliefs, feelings and energies that can obstruct or nourish action. Mindful awareness breaks self-defeating habits and enables moment-to-moment choice.

The more aware we are of the choices we are making and the underlying beliefs driving these choices, the more capable we are of consciously aligning our body, speech and mind. Coaching integrates the inner work of choosing what you are becoming and the outer work of supporting that newness on a daily basis with action. It is a creative adventure.

Within the coaching relationship, your coach:

Listens not only to your words but the values and beliefs beneath them

Will champion those deeper values and beliefs to bring out the best of your potential

Makes sure each session ends with clear “home work” or an inquiry

Will be available to celebrate your success with you!

Coaching Benefits

Clarify intention and take action toward your goal

Cultivate enhanced self awareness and concentration

Transform habitual obstacles in to creative energy

Learn to engage and move through fear of change

Develop confidence in your purpose

Determine the impact you want to have

Become comfortable with who you are

Enjoy enthusiasm for your life

Getting started

In order to empower a client, the co-active coaching relationship is custom fit to serve the client during the intake session. Once I know what makes you tick, what your particular obstacles are, and what you are ready to achieve, I tailor my coaching to suit your needs. As my client, be prepared to meet me half way, show up fully and honestly, and articulate what you need so that our relationship will be successful. I suggest a three month commitment in the beginning.

Generally, coaching happens by phone Monday and Tuesday evenings. After the initial 2 hour intake, sessions are 45 minutes, once a week, for the first three weeks of the month. I’m also available by email and phone between sessions. Before you begin coaching, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and sign an agreement of terms.


2 hour intake- $150

Monthly rate- $350

“Tune-up” – $75

Special offer : I am currently taking clients on a low fee basis in order to be of service to those who might not normally try coaching due to the cost. The first session is free. Please email me if interested.

About Erin

Erin Koch is a certified coach who primarily works with artists, young professionals, spiritual seekers, and those in the non-profit industry. She is certified through theCoaches Training Institute, completed the CRR Global training courses, and has been a coach for over ten years. As a painter for over 25 years, Erin is aware of the challenges and gifts of being creative and brings that knowledge to her clients. Erin also has over 20 years of non-profit work experience ranging from working with children to arts organizations to meditation centers. Erin has been a Buddhist since childhood and has extensive experience with manifold varieties of meditation methods. She has worked as an event planner for the Garrison Institute for 8 years.

“Erin challenges me we a very nurturing style. She is open minded, willing to shift gears in accordance with my needs, and isn’t afraid to approach difficult topics” MA

“I am very grateful for the support and guidance that I experienced in working with Erin Koch. Her coaching sessions are compassionate and supportive- but gets down to the brass tacks of clarifying goals and identifying the tasks necessary for going to the next step. She does a masterful job of mixing a serious, sincere attitude with an atmosphere of lightness and playfulness.” AR, writer



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