Artist Statement
May 2012

Photography is a way of concentrating ones’ identity entirely within the eye. The act of framing sight enables one to slow down and shift from seeing to being aware of seeing. Like during meditation, I rest the thinking mind and simply notice color, light, shape, texture and space and so on. The act of shooting photos causes one to look very closely at what has become invisible due to over familiarity. The truth is, every frame of sight is an original point of view and combination of forms. A photo can reflect this fresh way of seeing.

Consider the life of water. The water we have now is the same water since creation. A great traveler, water is forever moving from high peaks down to oceans, up into the sky and back to the earth, into bodies of animals and vegetation and back out again. In essence, water’s primary quality is change and movement. Water has no inherent appearance; its conditioned facade mirrors color and light or is transparent.

Trees are bodies linking the underworld to the heavens. Their roots reach deep into the earth to pull up water and nutrients while their limbs extend into the sky capturing the sun’s energy. A long living, mature tree is strong and stately which is why we plant them in honor of that which we respect. A tree bears fruit, as sign of its fecundity, generosity and success. The tree’s seed contains the essence of the tree and is a representation of immortality.

These photos of water and trees are images about repetitive pattern. Life repeats itself. Cells reproduce in their own image. The seasons turn over. Life calls out and listens for the echo. Habit is a powerful force that not one of us can stop. Its inexorable momentum propels itself toward death moment to moment and over generations. What set this into motion? How far does it expand?